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The Natural Oak Co.

About us

The Natural Oak Company was founded by Mike Stanmore. Mike is an experienced carpenter, specialising in traditional and historic carpentry skills. Some of the techniques used in his bespoke conservatories and garden rooms have been used since Medieval times and the presence of these historic buildings shows that these construction techniques produce buildings that last for centuries.

Mike has previously worked with the National Trust on historic restoration and rebuilding projects including the Lord Egerton's fishing lodge at Tatton Park in Manchester. During his time at Tatton, Mike was also involved in the restoration of the Japanese garden and built a rustic bridge of Rhododendron wood. Mike's conservation work with Sandwell Council building Haden bridge another rustic structure a Highly Commended Award by the Historic Gardens Foundation.

Mikes love of carpentry comes from his early days working for Roderick James an internationally renowned architect, specialising in oak frame construction. Observing this excellent work, inspired Mike and totally reshaped his future.

What to expect

The Natural Oak Company can do as much or as little as you require. We can complete the whole project for you, from consultation and design, completing the planning process, building the foundations, glazing, roofing and any other ancillary work, or we can just erect the frame only.

We will visit you, review the site, take preliminary measurements and forward our design and recommendations, along with a full quote giving a cost breakdown. On agreement, we begin building the frame and preparing the structure for on site erection..

Natural Oak revisits every customer after twelve months, making adjustments where necessary to accommodate the maturing and settlement of the wooden frame. This maintains a link with customers after the build. As the wood matures it turns to a silver grey and continues to mature and age naturally. The construction actually gets stronger as it ages and needs no treatment. Even though it is a premium product, it still gives homeowners a no-maintenance, eco-friendly product, which is another major benefit.

All of the glazing 'floats' on top of the frame, the glass is sandwiched onto the frame with specialist pinning, glazing tape and has a final flexible seal making it watertight while allowing the natural oak components to dry, mature and move.

The quality of Natural Oak is evident in the solid appearance and innate durability. The whole construction is on show, including the beautiful hand-made pegs. Because it is such a beautiful, strong and natural structure, our conservatories and garden rooms suit any style of house.

How to age gracefully

As each structure ages and matures over the years it actually gets stronger and does not need external treatments. The wood we use is carefully selected from sustainable and managed sources. It is green oak which is unseasoned, and as it settles and matures you can sometimes even hear it crack.

Eventually the wood will dry and cracks appear in some of the beams and posts, giving the building much more character, while the colour tones gradually turn from sandy mellow oak to a magnificently graceful grey.

Because of this natural drying and maturing process, The Natural Oak Company revisits every customer after approximately twelve months and adjusts the doors to each construction to accommodate maturing and settlement of the wooden frame. This maintains a link with all our customers after the build and gives us the chance to see how beautifully our buildings are ageing.

Some of our customers describe our conservatories and garden rooms as being 'alive', and they enjoy the little signs that our structures show as they respond well to differing weather conditions throughout the seasons.

The Natural Oak Company - committed to creating living buildings that blend with the traditional and the contemporary.


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